A set of ideas aimed at understanding the development of brain and cognitive ability of children. Of every opportunity that arises at every moment of everyday to foster the development of children, increasing their linguistic abilities, motor, sensory and intellectual.


The Monster Inside
It scares me
I fear it
I wish it would go away
It comes after me at night
It is my nightmare I fight
I try to fight it but
It keeps coming back
I try to run away
But it catches me
If I let it take control
What might it grow to be
When I look in the mirror
It stares me in the face
It looks sad, lonely and misplaced
I have to shut my eyes before it’s too late
It’s taken control of me
What have I become?

Game-playing is as natural to children as eating and sleeping.
It’s the way they assimilate all the learning that continuously takes place in their daily lives. Playing, exploring, touching, feeling, tasting and smelling are all part of a child’s life, so why not use these aspects of life to assist when things go wrong or become confusing?

In my work as an "art therapist", is what led me to devise art games that I felt could be used with children to confront their particular problems and issues. Consequently find strategies to help them explore what is going on and, it is hoped, enable them to come up with solutions.

For instance, working with a group boys who have problems with anger, socialisation and self-esteem - they speak about their situations,What  drove them to lose control, and then we look at how they could have acted differently to the way they did.

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