A set of ideas aimed at understanding the development of brain and cognitive ability of children. Of every opportunity that arises at every moment of everyday to foster the development of children, increasing their linguistic abilities, motor, sensory and intellectual.

HighScope Approach With Autism Spectrum Disorders



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usethebrains godgiveyou said...

Very good. It is ALL about visual learning. As adults, it is difficult for us to get our minds around that. Like Helen Keller, who had to use the senses most open to her, touch...autistic, and even dyslexic children are more apt to understand visual/kinesthetic channels.

I had to teach my 3 year old son language via pictures (at the time, Bliss Symbols) supplied by his wonderful speech pathologist. Would he have come as far had I not worked 2 hours per day (or as much as he could handle, sometimes far less) teaching language through visual or kinesthetic cues? I will never know. Maybe God can answer that when I die.